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Entry Author Date Location
Web Companies Create Marketing Hubs for Indie Writers, Artists 11/27/14 San Francisco
Intel’s Year-End Holiday Push Wraps Up Big Bet On Tablets 11/26/14 San Francisco
Zapier Obtains $1,362,949 New Financing Round 11/26/14 San Francisco
GraphScience Receives $1,179,999 New Funding Round 11/26/14 San Francisco
VigLink Lands Series C Funding 11/26/14 San Francisco
Visicon Inspection Technologies Garners $1,000,000 Series B Funding 11/26/14 San Francisco
Arrayent Secures $6,000,000 New Round 11/26/14 San Francisco
Gamgee Receives $3,999,999 Series B Round 11/26/14 San Francisco
Altiscale Garners $27,320,012 New Financing Round 11/26/14 San Francisco
Big Data’s Cousin—Artificial Intelligence—Is Growing Up 11/25/14 San Francisco
Startups and 13 States Jumpstart Equity Crowdfunding Without SEC 11/25/14 Wisconsin
Elance-oDesk Lands $30,000,000 New Financing Round 11/25/14 San Francisco
Sentient Technologies Lands $103,500,000 Series C Financing Round 11/25/14 San Francisco
Scripted Garners $8,799,990 Series E Financing Round 11/25/14 San Francisco
Exploration Labs Secures $340,001 New Financing 11/25/14 San Francisco
E-mail Clutter Killer Unroll.Me Acquired by Rakuten’s Slice 11/24/14 New York
Patient Deaths Move Amgen To Pull Drug From Stomach Cancer Trials 11/24/14 Seattle
Polaris Partners Adds $450M for Seventh Fund 11/24/14 Boston
The Risks and Opportunities in a Startup: Age 2-5 Years 11/24/14 San Francisco
BioMarin Gambles $840M on Prosensa’s Duchenne Drug 11/24/14 San Francisco
MassChallenge Winner From MIT Aims to Kill Cancer With a “Squeeze” 11/24/14 Boston
Symbiota Maps Plant Microbiome to Boost Crop Yields 11/24/14 Boston
Spreecast Secures $3,068,218 New Round 11/24/14 San Francisco
Rentlytics Secures $4,000,000 Seed Financing 11/24/14 San Francisco
Host Analytics Secures $25,000,000 New Financing 11/24/14 San Francisco
Data Companies Carve Out Niche In DNA Test Interpretation 11/21/14 Boston
Assembly Obtains $2,900,000 New Financing 11/21/14 San Francisco
DocuSign Secures $115,000,000 New Funding 11/21/14 San Francisco
Uversity Receives New Round 11/21/14 San Francisco
DITTO Garners $5,000,000 New Funding 11/21/14 San Francisco
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