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Entry Author Date Location
FreedomPop Obtains $10,000,000 New Funding 07/31/15 San Diego
Thrive Market Receives $30,000,000 Series A Funding Round 07/31/15 San Diego
Suneva Medical Garners $15,000,000 New Financing 07/31/15 San Diego
Suneva Medical Receives $20,400,000 New Round 07/31/15 San Diego
West Coast Biotech Roundup: Hutch, Gilead, Soon-Shiong IPO & More 07/30/15 San Francisco
Fuisz Media Obtains $10,000,000 Series A Financing Round 07/30/15 San Diego
Aspyrian Therapeutics Receives $4,249,999 New Round 07/30/15 San Diego
La Jolla Immunology Institute Agrees to Formal Ties with UCSD 07/29/15 San Diego
On-Ramp Wireless Lands $4,999,999 New Funding Round 07/29/15 San Diego
Cylance Lands $42,000,000 Series C Funding Round 07/29/15 San Diego
Baebies Hauls In $13M For Newborn Screening Technology 07/28/15 Raleigh Durham
ServiceNow Founder and Investor Offer Lessons in Startup Growth 07/28/15 San Diego
Kareo Garners $55,400,000 New Funding Round 07/28/15 San Diego
Are Qualcomm Layoffs a Disaster for San Diego—or an Opportunity? 07/27/15 San Diego
eFFECTOR Therapeutics Receives $14,666,666 New Funding 07/27/15 San Diego Obtains $17,000,000 New Round 07/24/15 San Diego
SGN Secures $130,000,000 New Round 07/24/15 San Diego
Companies May Stay Private as VCs Invest $32.5B, Report Says 07/23/15 National
Are Humans the Key to Discovery in a World of Digital Abundance? 07/23/15 San Francisco
BlueCava Receives $1,500,000 New Funding Round 07/23/15 San Diego
Provivi Obtains Series A Financing Round 07/23/15 San Diego
In Biotech, Everyone’s Going Public. What’s Your Excuse? 07/22/15 National
Dauntless Pharmaceuticals Garners $12,000,000 Series A Financing 07/22/15 San Diego
Rock the House—from Silicon Valley to China 07/20/15 Boston
Tragara Pharmaceuticals Lands $1,201,200 New Financing Round 07/20/15 San Diego
Sharing Economy Companies Sharing the Heat In Contractor Controversy 07/17/15 San Francisco
MoneyTree Shows Drop in San Diego VC Funding, and Top 15 Deals 07/17/15 San Diego
VertiFlex Receives $4,798,160 New Financing Round 07/17/15 San Diego
Readz Receives $7,150,000 Seed Funding 07/17/15 San Diego
Flipagram Obtains $70,000,000 New Round 07/17/15 San Diego
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