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Entry Author Date Location
Soci Raises $1.5M to Expand Social Media Management System 11/26/14 San Diego
Sanguine BioSciences Lands $5,534,250 New Financing Round 11/26/14 San Diego
Startups and 13 States Jumpstart Equity Crowdfunding Without SEC 11/25/14 Wisconsin
The Risks and Opportunities in a Startup: Age 2-5 Years 11/24/14 San Francisco
Teaching Entrepreneurship, the Pirate Code, and MIT’s Bill Aulet 11/24/14 San Diego
BlueCava Receives $2,000,000 New Financing Round 11/24/14 San Diego
BioNano Genomics Secures $53,000,000 Series C Financing Round 11/21/14 San Diego
BioNano Raises $53M to Identify “Structural Variations” in Genome 11/20/14 San Diego
West Coast Biotech Roundup: Gilead, Juno, Hutch, Fibrogen & More 11/20/14 Seattle
ImThera Medical Lands $520,000 New Financing 11/20/14 San Diego
HONK Garners $1,800,000 Seed Financing Round 11/20/14 San Diego
FastPay Lands $15,000,000 New Financing 11/20/14 San Diego
With Uber Investor Driving, Cue Raises $7.5M for Personal Dx Device 11/19/14 San Diego
Evollve Acquires Allylix for Undisclosed Sum 11/19/14 San Diego
Soci Lands $1,500,000 Series A Financing Round 11/19/14 San Diego
Breaking Bottlenecks, Opening the Floodgates to Genomic Data 11/18/14 National
Groupon Acquires Swarm Mobile for Undisclosed Sum 11/18/14 San Diego
Evollve Garners $2,000,000 Series A Funding Round 11/18/14 San Diego
New Study Shows How ZMapp Binds to Ebola, Ways to Boost Potency 11/17/14 San Diego
New Research Could (Finally) Remove RNAi’s Commercial Limitations 11/17/14 National
Plug and Play San Diego Seeks New Ways to Get Startups into Program 11/17/14 San Diego
MediaShift Obtains $3,295,000 Series A Funding Round 11/17/14 San Diego
Laforge Optical Lands $1,100,000 New Funding 11/17/14 San Diego
Device Maker Says Ebola Patient Recovered After Blood Filtration 11/14/14 San Diego
Innovation Hub: The Next Wave of Sports Analytics 11/14/14 National
Lawn Love Garners $1,900,000 New Funding 11/14/14 San Diego
Procore Technologies Lands $1,200,000 New Round 11/14/14 San Diego
West Coast Biotech Roundup: Intarcia, Dendreon, Amgen, Doudna & More 11/13/14 San Francisco
Brain Corporation Builds BrainOS to Train and Democratize Robots 11/13/14 San Diego
Scopely Garners $35,800,000 New Funding 11/13/14 San Diego
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